Automa FAQs:

Q: Is there any monthly cost?
A: No, you don’t have to pay any monthly fees for our software!

Q: Should run on the computer?
A: No, you can manage the software with mobile or tab if you wish.

Q: How to use?
A: We will give you a free video to use the software so you can manage everything.

Q: What is included in the offer price?
A: 5000 taka software with 80% discount now 999 taka with domain, hosting and tab or mobile app completely free for a limited time!

Q: Support after taking?
A: Yes, and of course! Our work is not limited to providing software! We are committed to providing the fastest and best support for any client issue.

Q: Need internet connection?
A: The software has its own backup system and is made online for the convenience of viewing business status from anywhere, you will need an internet connection to run it.

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